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In this post, you`ll discover some of the best lead magnet ideas to grow your email list fast and attract dream coaching clients.

I`ll give you ideas and also the best examples I came across so you don`t have to spend hours doing endless research to find out what lead magnets convert.

These will work well for facebook advertising but they can also be used for other forms of lead generation.


What Almost No One Tells You About Creating Great Lead Magnets

You probably already know that having great lead magnets is essential to bring in potential buyers.

Now, what most internet marketers forget to tell you is that your lead magnet should be a segway to the rest of your offers.

So, what does this mean, exactly?

Let me give you an example…

Suppose your core offer is a 4-day intensive workshop where you take women through a transformational journey showing them how to attract their soul mate.

advertise workshop facebook

It wouldn`t make sense to have a lead magnet, say an ebook, called “How To Attract Your Soul Mate” because essentially, that`s what you`re going to teach them in the workshop.

The point is don`t give all the gold nuggets away in the lead magnet because if that happens, you run the risk of ending up with a bunch of leads that don`t convert.

Give as much value as possible but keep it simple, digestible and incomplete, leaving people with a “I want more” kind of feeling!


Some Important Lead Magnet Statistics

Before we dive into the actual meat and potatoes, I`d also like to briefly go over some lead magnet statistics.

We both know that the quality of your landing page can have an impact on your ability to generate leads.
But in most cases, if your lead magnet is good, that is to say, your offer, you won`t have a lot of problems converting people.

Let`s look at some benchmarks here…

  • If you`re converting at 20%, that`s a good starting point and there`s definitely room to improve
  • Converting between 20 and 50% of your landing page visitors means that you`re doing pretty good
  • Lastly, if your landing page is converting above 50%, you`re in the hall of fame, congratulations

landing page conversions

Make sure to check your stats once in a while.
The screenshot you see above is of one of the landing pages I was using for my own agency`s advertising.

It was converting at an average of 40%, with a peak of 77.78%. Not bad for the first offer and funnel ever launched to cold traffic!


Best Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches

With statistics out of the way, let`s focus on the best lead magnets you can create for your coaching business to grow your email list fast.

I know how precious your time is, so if you`re gonna spend it creating something, it better be worth it!

That said, let me show you a list of 6 lead magnets worth creating…


#1 – Webinar

Everyone is saying that the webinar is dead, it doesn`t work and you shouldn’t be doing it!

Well… I`m here to give you permission to use webinars as a way to grow your email list and potentially bring in dream coaching clients.

lead magnet ideas

You probably know who Tony Robbins is.
This is a perfect example of a great lead magnet and also a great landing page.

If your leads spend 60 or 90 minutes watching a webclass, you better believe that these people are pretty interested in what you have to offer and how you can solve their problem.


#2 – Worksheet

I use worksheets as a lead magnet for my own agency.

Worksheets “work” really well because they create a hands-on experience for your prospects.

If you can get someone involved in your product or service, your chances of converting them into sales dramatically increase.

lead magnet ideas

I thought this was brilliant!
This is an offer from Caroline Miller, a free chapter of her book along with a couple of worksheets.

Worksheets alone convert really well but if you`re an author, think about incorporating your book`s content as well on your lead magnets.


#3 – Video Series

Why do video series perform so well, as lead magnets?

Simple because they keep people hooked and excited about the next video, assuming the content is valuable and entertaining.

They follow the same principles of a TV series.

lead magnet ideas

I love this video series opt-in from Alejandra.

Since what she is offering is content in the form of video, she took the extra time to make a video to “sell” the next step, which is a sign-up.

The offer, that is to say, the lead magnet also matches perfectly with her branding. Really cool!


#4 – Quiz

Involvement devices have been used for ages by master copywriters to influence their prospects to take a certain desired action.

A quiz takes the hands-on experience we`ve discussed in point #2 to a whole new level.

facebook ads conversions

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to quizzes. The 5 Love Languages pulls this off brilliantly!

People love to know what their specific situation looks like.

Quizzes convert extremely well because they tap into our ingrained curiosity to know how we`re doing in some area of our life or business.


#5 – Checklist

Don`t you love checklists?

So do your potential coaching clients.
They`re just an easy and simple way to basically don`t mess up when doing something.

The airline industry has been using them for ages!

lead magnet ideas

If you`re a coach, you most certainly know a company called Teachable.

They`ve created this course launch checklist, which makes it simple for you as a course creator to nail that next big launch.


#6 – Mini-Course

This is similar to a video series.

The only difference is that the mini-course explicitly implies that you`re about to dive deep on a particular subject.

The word “course” has its psychological nuance playing a big factor when it comes to conversions. People know they`re gonna learn something.

lead magnet ideas

Gabby Bernstein does this really well!
The opt-in is simple, clear, with some social proof on it and it`s also GDPR compliant.

Any picture of you facing the user creates connection and increases conversions. No doubt about it!


What About GDPR?

Of course, the big topic at the moment.

The only piece of advice I can give you is don`t take any risks when it comes to GDPR matters.

Make sure that your lead magnet opt-ins all have either a checkmark, a short paragraph clearly laying out what to expect if they sign up or both.

This way, you don`t run the risk of getting your business investigated by not following the data protection rules.



Lead Magnet Checklist

What if I could give you a simple checklist to serve as a guide every time you create new lead magnets?

I`m gonna give you that.

Before you create them, make sure they follow these rules:

  1. Must solve a problem your audience is having
  2. A segway into your core offers
  3. Needs to be super specific
  4. Must be easy to digest
  5. Give them a quick win

These are your golden rules when it comes to lead magnets. Copy them to some other place or memorize them!

Whether you`re doing Facebook advertising to grow your business or any other form of lead generation, this checklist will guide you to the perfect lead magnet.


What Lead Magnet Ideas Did You Like The Most?

As we wrap up this post, I wanted to share with you that your main focus even before creating your lead magnet should be to craft solid core offers.

The best lead magnets are worthless if your core offers are something that people don`t want.
So, keep that mind. It`s super important!

Make sure to research your audience so you know exactly what they want and how to resonate with them.

Just curious… what ideas or examples did you like the most from this article?


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