Landing page optimization is your golden ticket to a more prosperous coaching business.


Because it gets you more conversions, sales and less money spent on ads.

I guess that`s what you`re looking for, otherwise, why would you be reading this?

Your time will not be wasted here!

In this post, you`ll share with you some landing page optimization tips to help you reduce ad costs, maximize your ad spend and attract more coaching clients.

In a nutshell, these are topics we`ll cover in this in-depth article:

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The Importance Of Conversion Rate Optimization

Humm… “conversion rate optimization.”

What is this all about?

A lot of online entrepreneurs are still a bit distant from the subject.
Most don`t know what it is, some know it but think it`s not important, while others are doing it completely wrong.

In simple terms, conversion rate optimization is a process businesses use to increase the percentage of website visitors who convert into their offers.

For example, if you increase your website`s speed and all of a sudden you get more leads opting into your lead magnet, that`s a form of conversion rate optimization.


This is a too wide of a subject to cover in a blog post.

So here, we`re gonna focus exclusively on landing page optimization.

You`ll find these tips rather valuable if you`re paying to acquire customers and running a lot of traffic to your offers.


Consistent Advertising Creates Predictable Results

If you`re paying to acquire customers, one of the biggest factors that contribute to an increase in conversion rates is having consistent advertising.

My experience as a sales consultant taught me that people buy consistency more than anything else.

There must be congruency between your ads or creative and the landing page you’re sending traffic to.

You can`t promise one thing in your ad and send people to a landing page telling a completely different story.

The same goes for your colors, fonts and offers.
The transition between your ad and the landing page must make sense, therefore it must be seamless.

When there`s a lack of congruency between these elements, people bounce off the page because they`re were expecting a different thing.

Always make sure your advertising is consistent, it can greatly impact your ability to increase conversions, drive sales and reduce advertising costs.


Landing Page Optimization Can Help You Maximize Ad Spend

Your ability to optimize your landing pages has a huge impact on much money you spend on ads and how much you get back.

Take this as an example:

  • So far, you`ve got 1 000 clicks on your Facebook ad to your landing page
  • But only 200 people converted into leads
  • So your conversion rate is 20%

Easy math, so far!

What if you decreased your landing page`s load time from 4 to 2 seconds.

How many more conversions could you get?

Suppose everything stays the same, this time, you could expect a conversion rate of 40%, that`s 200 leads more signing up to your lead magnet.
Now, in reality, these numbers might vary but you get the point.

Ok, stay with me here…

Initially, you spent $1 per click to get 200 leads at $5 apiece with a total ad cost of $1 000.

With the optimization strategy you`ve implemented, you were able to spend the same amount, $1 000 to get 400 leads, this time at $2.5.

Now you`re paying 50% less per lead to acquire 200 more leads.


Let`s say that before the optimization, 10% of those 200 leads, 20 people, were buying your mini-course.

After decreasing your landing page`s load time from 4 to 2 seconds, you got 400 leads.
Now, 10% of those leads, 40 people on average are buying your mini-course after they get the lead magnet.

With just a simple landing page optimization strategy, with the same $1 000, you`re getting 20 extra people buying your entry-level product.

See how powerful this is? But there`s more to all of this…

Let`s now focus what the list of six optimization strategies and get down to the specifics of each one.


#1 – Increase Landing Page Speed

There are more than enough studies out there proving that your landing page has a direct impact on your ability to generate conversions.

Accordingly, to Google, 53% of mobile visitors abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Knowing that most of your traffic will most likely come from mobile, you can already see how important having a fast website really is.

There are many tools and services out there to measure your website`s performance such as Pingdom or GTmetrix.

landing page optimization

If you`re running traffic to your website from Facebook ads, for example, the most important thing is to have a fast landing page, not necessarily the whole website.
You can optimize your website later.

You can also have a different domain only for your lead generation efforts.

Most landing page builders like Clickfunnels, Unbounce or Leadpages load in less than 2 or 3 seconds.
I`d recommend using any of these if you don`t want to have page speed issues.

landing page optimization

Another aspect that can contribute to having a faster website is your hosting provider.
Recently, I changed my hosting plan from shared hosting to managed hosting.

Shared hosting is a lot cheaper but it doesn`t give you as much speed as some of the other options such as managed and dedicated hosting.

website hosting

It`s something to consider and it can really affect the performance of your website.
Since I changed to managed hosting, my landing page`s load time dropped from 1.99 to 1.24 seconds.

I know what you`re thinking…

… it doesn`t seem like a lot but every millisecond counts when you`re spending money on advertising.

Here`s when it got interesting…

My website used to be really slow, I mean really slow. I didn`t like how slow it was so I went to work.

landing page optimization

I found a paid WordPress plug-in called WPRocket and another one called Shortpixel.
WPRocket optimizes your site`s code and Shortpixel optimizes your images.

The change I made to managed hosting, plus adding these two plug-ins made a huge difference.
As you can see, my homepage`s load time went from 14.36 to 2.31 seconds.

Can you imagine how many visitors is was losing because of this? A lot!

landing page optimization

So, whether you have your landing pages on your website or you have a builder like Leadpages, it`s always wise to invest in dropping your load times.

For anyone that has an online business, your most valuable piece of real estate is your website. Make sure it is always in great condition.


#2 – One Clear Call To Action

If you`ve been online for any length of time, you know what is a call to action and how to do them.

I can tell you that most online entrepreneurs and marketers are totally messing this up.

The problem I see with many people advertising their business with landing pages is they have too many calls to action.

If you have three different calls to action, each one asking your prospect to do a bunch of things, you`re missing the mark.


Because these days people are distracted and most of all, they`re impatient.
So, if you don`t tell them what to do and explain it clearly, they will most likely not take any action.

Every time you`re creating a landing page or even hiring someone to do it for you, never forget to make your call to action as clear, visible and simple as possible.

Another piece of advice I can give is put your call to action above the fold of the page.

That way, when people get to the landing page, the call to action is right there visible to them, without having to scroll down.

landing page optimization

A call to action is basically a button saying “sign up”, “register” or “schedule now.”

This doesn`t mean that you only have one button on your pages, sometimes you need to have more if the page is longer, i.e sales pages.

What I mean by “one clear CTA” is that you`re only asking people to take that one action.
Don`t have one button saying “register” and another on at the bottom of the page with “apply now”, it confuses the visitor.

facebook ads conversion rate

Of course, you can split-test different words and also colors to see what performs the best.

In my experience, I can tell you that the color red is a consistent winner in split tests.
My guess is that its psychological effect drives people to take action more quickly and frequently.

Your call to action should have one or multiple words depending on the next step you want your visitors to take.

The key is to always make it as simple as possible.
Don`t confuse people!

The goal is to have your prospects or visitors get to your landing page knowing exactly what they need to do to move forward.


#3 – Use Benefits Whenever It Makes Sense

Now, you`ve heard this t some point or another…

“people are interested in benefits, not features.”

That is an accurate statement.
But how many times have you forgotten to include them in your pages?

Benefits are mostly used in sales pages or landing pages that require a little bit more commitment from the prospect.

People want to know what they`ll get by taking the next step.
There`s a place for features as well but most of your pages should have mainly benefits.

These benefits are nothing more than the outcomes that your prospect is going to experience once he signs up to your webinar or gets access to a video series, for example.

Why are benefits such a powerful mechanism to increase conversions and drive more sales?

Simply because people like to know what to expect.

If you don`t explain clearly what they`re gonna get, again, they`ll be confused.
And we both know what happens when prospects get confused… exactly, they don`t take action!

So make them take action and include benefits in your pages. I like to always include three because it`s more memorable but you can use more if that`s justifiable.

If it`s a simple lead magnet like a cheat sheet or a guide you`re offering, you can opt to not include benefits.

It all depends on how big is the “ask.”

Most of the landing pages I use for my business are simple and I use benefits only when it makes sense.

With a webinar, you`d recommend using benefits, since your prospects are going to spend 45 to 90 minutes consuming your content.

Benefits are great to supplement any offer but don`t overuse them.


#4 – Just Enough Content To Convert

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing landing pages is putting too much or too little content.

We talked about the importance of benefits and that you can opt no to include them for simple commitments.

For example, if you`re asking someone for their name, email, phone number, address and marital status, your page better justify that information the prospect is gonna give you.

landing page optimization

Furthermore, if you`re selling a higher ticket product like a coaching program, your sales page needs to be longer to justify having the person book a call with you or your salesperson.

The bigger the commitment for your prospect, the more information you need to have on your landing pages.

On the other hand, you don`t want to have a super long page just to ask for their name and email to opt-in for a worksheet.

The level of your “ask”, so to speak must match the length of the page.
The bigger the “ask”, the longer and the more information you need to have there to justify the commitment on their end.

The key here is to use common sense and realize how much content you need to put in your landing page to convert that person into a lead or a prospect into a sale or scheduled appointment.


#5 – The Layout Matters

Understanding how crucial the layout of the page is, is as important as nailing the length of the landing page.

“What do you mean by layout, Pedro?”

Anything from design, colors, fonts to branding and sequence.
First of all, you want to make sure that your colors, fonts and branding are consistent.

The worst thing you can have is a rainbow of colors and fonts on your landing page.
It just doesn`t add anything to your credibility.

A significant aspect that can leave people a bit skeptical is the level of design of that page.

Look, this is the 21st century…

People expect a certain level of design.
If your landing page looks like a 1999 blog with outdated design, your credibility all of a sudden goes down.

You`ll have a higher bounce rate, meaning more people will back out of the page without taking any action, if you have a poor design.

Most landing page builders, such as the ones mentioned here before give you enough flexibility to create stunning pages that increase trust in your brand.

So do yourself a favor and you invest in one these softwares, it will pay off in the long run.

Now talking about the sequence… “what is that?” – you might ask.

High converting landing pages have the right sequence. Here`s what this sequence looks like:

  1. Main benefits of your offer
  2. Features of the product or service
  3. Bonus content or offers
  4. Testimonials
  5. FAQs

With sales pages, things get a bit more complicated and crafting great ones takes a certain skill level and research on your part or whoever is writing it.

Sales pages might start with a story that relates to your product, can include all of the mentioned above and end with:

  • Pricing
  • Guarantee
  • P.S.

This is the beginning of a classic sales page style…

The layout of your page also refers to how the elements show up.

To get the most out of your marketing efforts, you can use a tool like Visual Website Optimizer, which lets you test multiple variables on your website to see what performs best.

Most landing page softwares also let you split test. The key here and didn`t want to sound redundant but is really testing.

You might notice that if you put the picture of your lead magnet on the right, it might convert better or in other cases, it might not.
It`s always wise to test different things when it comes to online marketing.


#6 – Leverage Social Proof

Again, it sounds simple, doesn`t it? Why would you not have social proof on your landing pages?

Intellectually, most online entrepreneurs and marketers get this but I would bet that not many are using them properly.

Social proof doesn`t just include testimonials. It goes beyond that!

For example, you can mention that you`re an author or have a well-known influencer participate in your training.

One of the best strategies to increase your credibility is to associate yourself with a famous person in your niche.

But if you can`t get access to a “famous person”, you can always partner with another or multiple entrepreneurs and do a training together.
That`s also another way to use social proof.

Let`s say you`ve been featured on Forbes or some other authoritative publication.
You can include that in your landing pages or sales pages to boost credibility and conversions.

It has been said that social proof is the biggest influencer there is on and offline to get people to make decisions.

If you`re offering a free webinar as a lead magnet and you put on that page the logos of the publications where you`ve been featured, how much more likely are people to sign up versus having no logos?

We both know the answer! Social proof is that powerful.


Think Mobile First Before Optimizing

Statista concluded that from all the internet traffic recorded in 2017 and upwards, 50% on average comes from mobile.

The numbers have been rising over the years, as you probably know, looking at your behavior.

If you`re going to build any landing page, I would recommend that you think mobile, first.
So many people make the mistake of building their pages and forgetting about optimizing them for mobile.

There`s a great free service called Google Speed Insights that lets you see how your landing page is performing on mobile.

If you`re using any of those page builders I mentioned above, you don`t have to worry too much about optimizing, they do it for you.

What you need to be worried about is in creating a page layout that is mobile friendly.

I also use a tool called Hotjar that records my visitors’ sessions.
They also have heatmaps and eye tracking so you can see what people are doing on your website. It`s pretty cool!

If something is not working properly or you have distorted elements in your pages, you can quickly and easily check that out and fix those issues.

Hotjar also allows you to collect feedback from users on your website.
This is extremely valuable, since your visitors will give suggestions for you to optimize the site.


Landing Page Optimization Checklist

Before we wrap things up, I want to give you a simple checklist you can use to make sure you’re maximizing your landing page`s performance.

I don`t want to complicate things here. This is a super simple checklist to help you get started optimizing.

  • Landing page loads in less than 3 seconds
  • You`re asking people to take only one action on your page
  • The length of the content is appropriate
  • Your landing page has a modern design

These are the most important aspects of any page, doesn`t matter what you`re offering.

I will tell you that you can`t go wrong if you follow this checklist. It will help get more conversions and ultimately drive more sales.



Start Optimizing And Growing Your Business

I`ve shown you some landing page optimization best practices for you to get better results from your marketing efforts.

There`s a lot to “process” here, I must admit. A lot of insights!
I wanted to give a thorough explanation of each of the important landing page optimization strategies.

And here`s the warning…

The sure-fire way to get overwhelmed and not produce any results is to try to implement too much.

My recommendation is simply to use one strategy at a time. Keep building on what works and discard the rest.

Let me know in the comments, which optimization strategy are you going to implement today?


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