How to get more coaching clients?

This is the question you probably have in your mind right now.

It`s a question many coaches ask themselves and one that I`m going to answer for you in this post.

Specifically, I`m going to show you how to get more coaching clients with Facebook ads...

… using one simple and powerful strategy!

I`m also gonna show you why it works so well.

Sounds good?

Cool! Ride along…



Market Your Coaching Business The Right Way

Some people ask… “Pedro, how do I market my coaching business?”

That`s actually the wrong question. The right question is “who`s your target audience?”

Answering this question will help you craft a message that`s gonna resonate with the people you want to serve.

Therefore, when you resonate with them, you know you`re marketing the right way.

So, it`s important for you to really know your audience and the “language” they use.

And you`ve probably heard this a million times but it`s that important.

You must research your audience to really understand what are their:

  • Pain points
  • Desires
  • Average day
  • Personality type
  • Decision-making process

Google is your best friend here!
You can also use a really good and free tool called Facebook Audience Insights to do your interest research.

coaching business advertising

Many coaches make the mistake of just starting Facebook ad campaigns with no clue about their target audience.

This is not only dangerous but irresponsible!

I recommend that you start by researching your audience first before applying the strategy I`m going to teach you.

Got it?

Let`s move on…


How To Get Coaching Clients With Facebook Ads

Now, it is time to reveal the strategy.

I`m going to show you step by step, what you need to do to implement this powerful strategy right now.

It`s gonna take some work because as you`ll see, it will be mostly around video content.

But I promise you that it will pay off in the end!


Step 1 – Shoot A Video Series

The reason why I didn`t put “create a video ad” first is that the most important piece of your strategy is the lead magnet.

Actually, most advertisers focus too much on the ad and they forget about the “deliverable.”

It needs to be a high-quality lead magnet. In this case, a video series that delivers a ton a value.
Remember, the ultimate goal is for people to schedule a call with you.

get coaching clients

Source: Gosia Gorna, Transformational Coach

If they don`t see any value in the video series, they`ll be less likely to want to know more about your program.

Make sure you have great sound, good lighting and please… make them excited to see the next video.

Here`s a PRO tip…

At the end of each video, give them a sneak peek of what they`re going to watch on the next one.
TV series to this all the time to keep people engaged.


Step 2 – Create A Video Ad

Once you`ve created your video series, which could be delivered over 5 days through email or messenger, you`re going to start thinking about the ad.

It could be 2 to 6 minute long, even more. Depends on how “cold” is the audience.
If you`re going after people that are not aware they have a problem, you need to educate them.

get coaching clients

So, in this case, your video needs to be longer to create that connection with the audience.

Here are some tips for you to create a killer video ad:

  • Use a pattern interrupt with any form of movement
  • Educate them on a possible solution to their problem (they might not know they have a problem)
  • Position your video series as a quick win for that problem

Creating the video ad is the easy part!

You can write down what the lead magnet will help them accomplish, mention that in the video ad and also on the landing page.

Make sure the messaging is consistent, from ad to landing page, it`s really important.

get coaching clients

There are tons of examples of great Facebook ads. A tool I use to get inspired is Facebook`s Ad Library.

Just type in the name of a famous coach, influencer or company and you can quickly see what ads they`re running.


Step 3 – Move The Call Closer

The final step is to add calls to action to every single page where the videos are shown.

“A call to action with what, Pedro?”

With your booking link, of course.
You can use Calendly, AcuityScheduling or any other software.

Instead of giving them a chance to book a call at the end of the video series, you`re shortening the cycle, so to speak and increasing the number of people that book calls.

get coaching clients

Let`s say you`re giving away a 5-day video series. You`re going to create a page for every video of the series.
So, you have 5 pages.

And every day for 5 days, they`ll be getting a video, either on their email inbox or messenger.

You can use any landing page builder for that, I use Leadpages.

Are you with me?

Some people might be ready to schedule a call to learn more about your coaching program after watching video 1.

Others might need a little bit more time. That`s ok!

Putting calls to action on every page will ensure that you`re appealing to every type of prospect, the fast and the slow decision-makers.


Why This Strategy Works

You might be wondering… “why is this one so powerful?”

Simply because video is the fastest and best way to build rapport with a stranger.
No other medium can allow you to influence your prospects online like video.

With that said, running traffic to a video ad and offering a lead magnet such as a video series makes total sense.

You already know these people like to consume video, so that transition to the video series is seamless.

This is what I`ve learned from my experience as a sales consultant…

What you do before the call is as important if not more than what you do on the call.

Your prospects have watched 5 value-driven videos of you before even getting on the phone. It`s going to be an easy close, assuming they`re ready.

The good news? You don`t even need to be salesy.

The prospect will close himself.



Getting Coaching Clients Is Easy

Now that you know the strategy, I encourage you to try it out.

It`s simple, easy to implement and can give you a tremendous return on your ad spend.

I love this strategy, I think is one of the best for coaches and influencers but obviously you have to test it.

You never know what works better for you until you run some tests.

Back to you…

Are you using this strategy already or did this give you some great ideas?


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