Mastering Facebook Ads can become very costly, especially when you don`t have a long term strategy to acquire clients on demand.

What has worked 5 years ago, isn`t working anymore, consumers have changed their behaviors.

If you want to attract high-value clients to your coaching business, your strategies from now on must be different.

In this post, I`m going to show you 3 powerful strategies you can start implementing today to improve your client acquisition system, using Facebook ads… all things that actually work!

We`re going to cover goodwill generation campaigns, delivering webinars using messenger and the last one, leveraging the video funnel.


Facebook Marketing Has Changed… Again

This is not the wild west anymore!

Ads that don`t provide any value are not going to stand out in the newsfeed and will fall into the bucket of “short-term strategy.”

Consumers are getting smarter and more demanding.
Getting their attention just for the sake of getting attention will not build you a business.

You have to adopt new strategies that are congruent with their new purchasing behaviors and the way they want to interact in the platform.


facebook ads for coaches


Ads like these are great… for unqualified clicks!

That being said, the way you win big with Facebook advertising in this day and age is by:

  • creating value and goodwill (first)
  • building meaningful relationships with the audience (second)
  • asking for something (third)

People have become skeptical more than ever so you have to take a step back and actually take the time to warm up your audience.
Being patient and leading with value has become the best long term approach.


3 Strategies To Make Facebook Ads Work For Your Coaching Business

If you`re a coach and you`re frustrated because your ads aren`t performing the way you`d like to… you`re not alone.

Sometimes, your targeting might be off, your copy doesn`t resonate with the audience or your offer isn`t good enough to make people take action.
These are the fundamentals, I already assume you know them.

Luckily, you`ve landed on this post, so I`m actually gonna share with you my best strategies to effectively market your coaching business with Facebook ads.

What I want to show you today is the big picture, what has proven to work and will continue working for a long time.

Let`s get started…


#1 – Goodwill Generation To Application

In searching for the meaning of the word “goodwill”, I found this…

… “the favor or advantage that a business has acquired especially through its brands and its good reputation.”

The keyword there is “advantage”… your advantage in the marketplace.
Goodwill based campaigns allow you to create top of mind awareness and what I call “subconscious branding.”

Subconscious branding in simple terms is the effect that your value-driven content has on their purchasing decision.

Take this simple example:

You`re a relationship coach. Mary is your customer avatar, she is constantly getting value from your video ads on Facebook. One day something happens and she gets into an argument with her husband.

The next day, your content comes to her mind and she searches your name on Google. Next thing you know she`s working with you to solve her relationship issues.


facebook ads for coaches


This is a video ad from Frank Kern, he`s a master when it comes to deploying this strategy.

How can a goodwill based strategy be leveraged to acquire high-value clients?

It`s simple…

By taking the time to warm the audience, building a relationship with them and making the right offer at the right time. Most coaches lose with Facebook advertising, simply because they`re using the “quick-fix” approach.

Taking people from a text ad straight to a page where your prospects can book a call with you is not gonna build you a business.

So this goodwill strategy takes the most effort but it`s also one that can produce a greater dose of long term success.


The end user wants the most frictionless experience possible. Click To Tweet


Revealing Strategy #1

The sky is the limit here, you can get very creative. But let`s take this as an example…

You create three value driven videos and you put video number one out there, first.

Let that video run for a couple of days to get some views. You then, go inside Ads Manager and create a custom audience of people that have watched 75% of video 1.


facebook ads for coaches


After you create the custom audience, start a campaign to retarget those people with video 2.

Let it run for a couple more days and create a new audience, this time with the people that have watched 75% of video 2.


facebook ads for coaches


Now what?

Once you have your custom audience of people that have watched 75% of video 2 created… build a new remarketing campaign showing them video 3.


facebook ads for coaches


But we`re not done yet…

The final step is to create another campaign to retarget the folks that have watched 75% of all videos and show them an ad that takes them to your coaching application page.


facebook ads for coaches


This a great example of an application type ad from our friend Tony Robbins.

If somebody took the time to watch 75% of three of your videos, you better believe that this person is pretty well qualified. Even if they`re not, the application will complete the qualification process for you.


#2- Webinar To Messenger

We both know that webinars are a powerful way to sell coaching services, especially high ticket offers. And I`m not gonna tell you here to stop doing them.

But do you want to know the reality…

people are starting to get sick and tired of going to a page to fill out a form and have to remember that they have something to attend somewhere in the future.

Sure, you can send reminders to their email but knowing how busy inboxes are these days, I wouldn’t bet on that strategy.


facebook ads for coaches


There are better, clever and definitely more personal ways to deliver webinars, such as using Facebook Messenger or even SMS.

Messenger came to reduce the friction that the end user experiences every time they have to leave Facebook to take an action.
People want to stay on the platform, so give them what they want!

Now the question is…

… how can we leverage Facebook Messenger to create a better experience for the end user and increase the profitability of your webinars?


Subconscious branding is the effect that your value-driven content has on their purchasing decision. Click To Tweet


Revealing Strategy #2

Instead of taking people to a landing page, why don`t you show the webinar inside Facebook`s platform?

That`s right!

Upload the automated webinar into your Facebook Page and use the link in your messenger follow up sequence.

Now, once they subscribe to your messenger bot, you can send them the link that goes straight into the webinar, which is hosted inside Facebook.

This can be a game-changer!

People are more likely to watch it and your conversions should go up.


facebook ads for coaches


We`re going to cover how you go about implementing you messenger bot strategy. This gameplan represents the big picture.

There`s a lot of options you can play with on a tactical level, inside Manychat and it`s all a matter of testing what works best for you.

9 Step Click To Messenger Ad Gameplan

  1. Create a click to messenger ad with the messages objective
  2. People click on the ad, it opens in messenger
  3. They interact with the opt-in and are subscribed to a sequence
  4. You collect their information
  5. The event is added to their calendar
  6. The bot sends a reminder
  7. It delivers the webinar with a link to go to a Facebook video
  8. The bot triggers a promotional message asking if they want to check out the offer or not
  9. Follow up with replay and an opportunity to schedule a call


#3 – Video Ad To Video Series

Nielsen did a study that concluded the following:

Cumulative brand impact on ad recall increases 74% after just 15 seconds of a video ad and the purchase intent increases 72% after just 10 seconds of viewing.

It`s incredible how much difference can only 10 seconds of viewing make. This is why using video is so powerful!

The Video Views objective on Facebook is also a great way to build warm audiences while still driving actions to landing pages, blog posts or messenger conversations.

You can get a lot of cheap views and then segment the audience later, based on the percentage or on how many seconds they`ve watched and show them more relevant ads.


facebook ads for coaches


If you`re not leveraging video ads in your coaching business, you`re missing out on a great opportunity to attract quality leads and high-value customers.

Why does it make sense to show people a video series as the lead magnet?

Since they`ve watched your video, you know that these people prefer to watch videos… is that simple!
It`s a great way to increase conversions on your lead magnet, besides it`s a very powerful mechanism to influence someone.

As the study shows, you`re more likely to buy from a brand when you`ve seen one or multiple videos from them.


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Revealing Strategy #3

This is the simplest to put together but one of the most labor intensive.

Here`s how it works…

Shoot an educational video, offering value to the audience and then at the end transition into your offer, in this case, the video series.
It makes sense, as I said to create a video series because you already know that these people like to consume video content.

It`s such a smooth transition!


lead magnets


The way you deliver the video series is up to you.
Personally, I would send it to messenger because it`s more personal and they`re more likely to consume it that way, as opposed to sending email follow-ups.

View rates just naturally decrease on those video series, from video to video but with messenger, I`ve seen very consistent and pretty high view rates throughout the entire series.

It`s a matter of testing and adjusting your strategy accordingly to the results you want to get.



Facebook Ads Work For Coaches

When thinking about creating a strategy to market your coaching business, also think about how the user would feel by going through the process.

Facebook has been doing everything in their power to improve user experience, so if you can play the game along these lines, you`ll have a big advantage in the marketplace.

There are three main takeaways we could draw from this discussion:

  • the end user wants the most frictionless experience possible
  • always lead with value and add multiple touch points to build meaningful relationships
  • messenger is king when it comes to engagement and conversions

The days of “here… buy my stuff” are over!
In order to succeed with this platform, as a coach, as a business owner, you have to build relationships and most importantly give tremendous value upfront before asking your audience to do something.

I`d love to hear from you…

Which one of these strategies are you going to try out?


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