Increasing your Facebook ads conversions is a science.

It is!
But you don`t need to have an Einstein-like brain to fully understand how to do it.

In fact, if you`re anything like me, simple works for you.
So, in the spirit of keeping things simple, in this post, I`m going to show you 7 ways to increase conversions on your Facebook ads.

We will concentrate on what to do inside Ads Manager but also what to focus on besides the obvious.
You might the thinking, what is obvious?

It`s what you`ll discover if you keep reading…

Before revealing the 7 ways, we need to touch on the most important aspect when it comes to converting people on Facebook with paid media…


Focus On This To Increase Your Facebook Ads Conversions

Sometimes, coaches get so caught up in the little things like buttons, images or even words that they forget about what counts the most.

And what is that? 🤔

The quality of their offer.

I can`t emphasize this enough, your offer can really make or break your Facebook advertising.
Nobody has ever succeeded in business offering something that people don`t want.

You have to make sure that your lead magnets, your entry-level and core offers are something that people actually want.
What does that mean exactly?

It means offers that solve a specific problem that your audience has, that`s it.
When I see campaigns that are not working, in most cases, it all comes down to the quality of what`s being offered.

So, how do you know if your offer works?

Simply by testing it to cold audiences.
If a stranger resonates with your offer, say a webinar, you know it`s a proven one and you can then show it to your warm audiences.


#1 – Choose The Right Objective

Facebook`s algorithm is so smart these days that you really need to think twice before choosing the objective for your campaign.

It can literally be the difference between having a ton of conversions or none of them.
I would recommend that you choose the objective of your campaign in alignment with your goal for that campaign.

Sounds simple, doesn`t?

Just because it`s simple, we tend to not give it that much attention. But it is important, indeed.

facebook ads conversions

If your goal is to get leads and you`re taking people to a landing page, choose Conversions as your objective.

On the other hand, if your goal is to get visits to a blog post to later retarget those people, choose Traffic as your campaign objective.

Keep in mind that Facebook requires you to have 50 conversions a week per ad set in order to optimize your ads.


#2 – Vary Your Copy

One of the reasons why your ads are not converting as well as they could is that you`re using the same copy style to target everybody.

We know that human beings are very different. People don`t resonate with every copy style.

For example, if you`re only telling stories in your ads, you`re missing out on the other groups of people that might resonate better with direct response copy or one that leads with pains or desires.

The following examples are ads that I was running for my own agency

As you can see, the image below is an ad telling a story. It obviously resonated with people like to consume stories!

facebook ads conversions

This one is an example of a direct response type copy (you tell them what you have and what they have to do to get it).
It performed really well, more than the “story ad”, to my surprise.

facebook ads conversions

Varying your copy will make sure you resonate with a much larger pool of traffic, thus increasing your conversions.


#3 – Look At The Ad Scent

When there`s incongruency between your images, fonts, message or offer and the landing page, we say that the ad lost the scent.
In other words, your advertising is not consistent.

Let`s say you`re offering a webinar where you show people how to eliminate the most common limiting beliefs about money.

It wouldn`t make sense to have a picture of someone walking a dog in your ad.
That`s called incongruency.

Your goal is to have people get to the landing page and say, “oh, I`m in the right place.”

facebook ads conversions

This is an example from one of the offers I`m running for my own agency.

You can clearly see how congruent everything is.
From the copy, imagery to the branding, every little variant is consistent.


#4 – Improve Your Landing Page Speed

People are impatient these days!
If the site they`re about to visit doesn`t load in 3 seconds or less, the chances of them staying on that page reduce significantly.

Improving your page speed is really simple.
Most landing page builders these days are prepared to handle the impatience of today`s users and load pretty fast.

When you have a lot of clicks on your Facebook ads and very few landing page views, chances are your page is slow or something is broken.

To check your website performance, you can use Google Speed Insights or other tools such as GTmetrix.



#5 – Leverage Social Proof

The good thing about Facebook advertising is that it allows you to use social proof to get better results from your marketing efforts.

Let`s say that you have an ad that`s working really well but the frequency is starting to go up, your audience is getting tired of seeing that same ad.
This ad has a ton of reactions, shares and comments.

What you can do is create another campaign and use the same post ID from that top performing ad to target a new audience.

That will ensure your ad keeps all the social proof thus helping you convert way better.

You can even go the extra mile and research your audience a little more to find other interests to target with this post that has a lot of social proof on it.


#6 – Split Test Your Landing Page

Another way to increase conversions on your Facebook ads is to simply test your landing page.
This can also be easily done, these days with most landing page builders, such as Leadpages.

Sometimes, you might not get a significant improvement on the page by split testing but other times you might get.
It`s always wise to test, don`t play the “guessing game.”

Let your audience tell you what they like and what resonates best with them.

facebook ads conversion rate

Most marketers get this wrong when they`re only getting a few visits to the landing page a day and they want to split test it.

Before you do it, make sure you`re getting a fair amount of visitors to your page, otherwise, split testing won`t have a significant impact on your results.


#7 – Use Different Optimization Methods

Facebook`s algorithm is really intelligence these days. It will give you exactly what you want.

If you`re using the Conversions objective and you`re optimizing your campaign for link clicks, sometimes you might notice that you get a ton of clicks but not that many conversions.

This can be easily fixed by changing the optimization method to Conversions.
Then, Facebook will go to work to find people that are more likely to convert on a page.

facebook ads conversion rate

Again, this all comes down to testing.
Don`t fall into the trap of assuming that one delivery optimization method will work better than the other.


Final Thoughts

By now you already know what to do to increase the conversion rate of your Facebook ads.

Remember that succeeding with Facebook ads like any other advertising comes down to having a solid strategy.

If you don`t have a plan to convert strangers into leads and you randomly throw stuff at the wall, you`re going to get in trouble.

I`d love to hear from you…

Which one of these ways are you going to try to increase conversions on your Facebook ads?


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