Want to see some great examples of Facebook Ads?

If you`re looking to get inspired before starting your next campaign, then you`re in the right place.

In this post, I`ll show you 15 examples of top-performing Facebook ads

… and tell you why they work.

From standard copy ads, carousel to video ads, we`ve got a little bit of everything and for almost any time of offer.

Ride along…


#1 – “Blog Content Plan”

Digital Marketer has some of my favorite ads. This one is a simple offer, in this case targeting people that have an interest in blogging or content creating.

It`s a plan to help creators map out their content, nothing complicated here.

This is their best performing ad of all time!


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works: 

  • Since they were targeting bloggers and content creators, one of the tools they`re most familiar with is WordPress
  • It played with a human condition, called association, that says we`re more likely to take action on something when it looks familiar to what we already know


#2 – Membership Offer

The guys at Dollar Shave Club have done a pretty good a job at creating viral ads. This is one of their classics, demonstrating how they compare to other razor brands.

They know their stuff is awesome and have no problems showing it to the world…


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • Comparisons are always very powerful in marketing and they used it to their advantage here
  • There`s also a contrasting effect when they say “world`s best razors for a few bucks”
  • They take the risk out of the consumer’s hands and drop a guarantee in the end


#3 – Live Event Discount

Another great ad from Digital Marketer. This one is genius, in my opinion.

It was meant to sell tickets to their popular live event, “Traffic & Conversions Summit” and was shown to their warm audiences.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • They used the battery of an iPhone to create a sense of urgency
  • They also played with a powerful technique called “pre-exposure”, which means leveraging a well-known concept to drive action
  • The concept here was the battery running out… and what do you do when your phone has low battery? Exactly… time to do something!


#4 – Goodwill Generation Video

Frank Kern is a master a selling you something…

… without actually selling anything.

This is an educational video ad with the goal of building warm audiences and taking people to his website.
There they can learn more about how to leverage Kern`s strategies to grow their business.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • We`re in an era where social proof is king and this ad leverages that component right at the start
  • The video gives the audience an insight, in this case, “The Bond”, which is always very powerful
  • Educational type videos tend to perform well and this is a great example
  • He ends the video with a smooth transition into a  simple call to action


#5 – Lead Generation Ad

Hired is a company that matches job applicants with companies looking for talent.

In this ad, they used the concept of work-life balance as the hook or marketing message. The image also reflects the marketing message very nicely.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • The biggest success factor of this ad is how congruent the marketing message is
  • The first sentence touches a pain point their audience has
  • They also inject some social proof at the end of the copy
  • Smart, simple and effective


#6 – “Ad Template”

This was an ad done by Digital Marketer with the goal of offering a free Facebook ad template to their audience.

It generated a ton of social proof for them.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • They leveraged the concept we`ve touched on before, association or familiarity, with an image portraying a library and a graphic of a Facebook page in the middle
  • This ad injects social proof with the line “to generate 400 000+ leads and millions of dollars in revenue.”


# 7 – Test

Joyable is an affordable app that helps people manage anxiety and depression.

They`re offering a free social anxiety test here. I like how they play with the theme… “what`s your score?”


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • First of all, the ad is so simple and they used a direct offer hook to get people to take action
  • People love tests and quizzes, it gives them a certain joy by actually knowing what their individual results are
  • This type of offer is a great way to create that personal touch


#8 – Testimonials Slider

Digital Marketer created this ad to get agency owners to apply to their partnership program.

They used client testimonials in a clever way, through a video slider to build social proof.

examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • Using video testimonials at the right time is a powerful way to get even the most skeptical person to take action
  • They`ve done a pretty good job here, using diverse client success stories from their partnership program
  • The addition of “fastest and easiest” is also something that lands well with business owners, in this case, agency owners



#9 – Worksheet

Remember playing the “Who`s Who” game as a kid?

Digital Marketer, once again, leveraged the power of familiarity to launch this killer ad.
In this case, they were offering a free worksheet so people can better understand their customer avatar.



examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • The allusion to the classic game “Who`s Who” makes this a killer ad
  • Again, it taps into people`s memories and what`s familiar, very powerful
  • The copy is simple with a clear call to action


 #10 – Credit Score

This one is similar to number 7. Experian is a consumer credit reporting company that offers identity theft protection.

They`re offering a credit test at the price of $1, which is always an enticing proposition if you happen to care about your credit score, which most people are.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • The image portrays the marketing message well, it`s a simple ad with a direct offer
  • They used enticing and curiosity-based words… “find out now”
  • People already know that credit scores are important for financial qualification, this ad reinforces that idea
  • Humans like to see how they compare and this score test taps into that engrained curiosity


#11 – Food Delivery

Door Dash delivers food to your door, from restaurants you can`t normally get delivered from. Much like Uber, they hire drivers.

This ad hits on their biggest selling point… quickness!

examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • They`re offering the first delivery for just $1 with no minimum order size
  • The quickness factor comes in here… “order & eat in under 45 min.”
  • If you`re hungry, you want food fast and the copy uses a well know technique in marketing, the “quick and easy”


#12 – Low-Cost Offer

In case you don`t know, Westjet is a low-cost Canadian airline.

They made use of their value proposition, low fares, in this simple Facebook ad.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • This ad makes use of a specific geographic location, in this case, Calgary
  • The image is eye-catching, showing a beautiful landscape
  • The copy is straight forward, with a clear call to action


#13 – Free Book

A great offer almost sells itself.

One of the major influencers on the planet, Grant Cardone is giving away his best selling book “Sell Or Be Sold” with this ad.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • It`s a great offer, to start off
  • The ad copy starts by educating the audience on why it`s important to know how to sell anything
  • By using the words “best selling author and sales expert”, Grant gains immediate credibility, assuming this ad is also shown to people that are not aware of his brand


#14 – Free Webclass

Dan Lok is known as the King Of High Ticket Sales. This is a video ad with the intent of taking people to register for a two-hour masterclass.

He`s showing a video of one of his sales calls to demonstrate some of the techniques he`s going to teach in the class.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • In this ad, Dan takes advantage of the power of demonstration… “show, don`t tell” is what people like
  • This is one of the most viewed videos on his YouTube channel that he, intelligently, turned into an ad
  • If people can see your product or techniques in action, it makes the offer that much more powerful


#15 – Supplements

Organifi is a company founded by Drew Canole, a rockstar in the fitness and nutrition space.

He’s known for his “superfoods supplements” and advocate of natural plant benefits. The company has a 60-day money back guarantee, which helps make this an amazing offer.


examples of great facebook ads


Why it works:

  • Social proof is what makes this a great ad
  • If you`re into the fitness game, you know who Shawn Stevenson is… Drew leveraged a testimonial from Shawn to create this ad
  • It also plays with a powerful marketing technique, using the amount per day, in this case, $1.92 and contrasting it with “monthly supply”


Main Takeaways

From analyzing these 15 examples of great Facebook ads, we can conclude the following:

  • Great offers almost sell by themselves
  • Leverage well know concepts to drive action (iPhone battery running out)
  • People love score tests
  • Simple is almost always better
  • Comparisons are an effective marketing technique
  • Use amount per day when possible
  • Show them, don`t tell

Think about what you can take out of these examples and apply to your business.
Success leaves clues, as they said and if you look closely, you`ll see that these ads share a lot of the same principles.

Those are the same principles you can use to create your own successful campaigns.

I`d love to hear from you in the comments…

What new insights did you get from this post?


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