Looking to grow your coaching business with Facebook and Instagram advertising?

In this post, I`m going to share with you some steps you need to take to get started and see results.

If you`re already advertising on these social platforms, this article will serve as a great reminder.

I`ll also share with you the differences between the platforms, some best practices and the one thing that might prevent you from growing and scaling your coaching business.

Nothing complicated here, though!

By the end of this article, you`ll know exactly what to do to get coaching clients from Facebook and Instagram ads.


The Different Between Facebook And Instagram Advertising

Well, if you were to ask a fellow coach about this, they would probably tell you that there are no differences.

While there might be no differences on the surface, the two platforms are actually quite different.
Here`s why…

Instagram currently has over 1 billion monthly active users, it is probably the fastest growing social media platform as well. Facebook, on the other hand, counts with over 2.4 billion active users on the platform.

Aside from the users, what really separates both platforms is not the age range as most think.

facebook and instagram

These are the main differences:

  • Instagram is more mobile-centric and is better for brand awareness.
  • Facebook really shines with their targeting options, outside of Instagram, which is part of those same options.

What I always say is “why not leverage both platforms and get the most of out of your marketing spend?”

This way you`ll get a chance to put your ads in front of more people, potentially in front of over 3.4 billion.


The Cost Of Instagram And Facebook Ads

Advertising on these social platforms has become more expensive over the years simply because there`s more competition.

More businesses buying ads means that there`s less space to advertise on so anyone who wants to have people`s attention will have to pay more.

In fact, the Facebook newsfeed is getting crowded, that`s why they`re making an effort to develop new placements for advertisers.


Advertising Costs Will Keep Raising

AdEspresso analyzed the cost of Facebook and Instagram ads in 2016.
They found the average cost per click on Instagram was $0.70, more than double of what you would pay on Facebook, $0.35.

That was in 2016!

Of course, these numbers may vary from industry to industry but I would suspect that nowadays they`re a lot higher because of what I mentioned previously.

facebook ads cost

Source: Wordstream

To confirm my suspicions, Wordstream shows us that the average cost per click on Facebook across all industries is $1.72.

I will say this, though…

Don`t get so fixated on the cost!
Your goal should not be to spend the least amount of money but instead figuring out how much you`re willing to pay to acquire a customer.


Facebook And Instagram Ads Best Practices

Now, when it comes to buying ads on these platforms and market your coaching business, there are some guidelines you should follow to maximize your advertising efforts.

These are some pointers that will help you keep your account safe and also improve your results.


Stay Compliant

The first one is really making sure that you read Facebook`s ad policies.
There`s nothing worse than staying ignorant and keep getting ads disapproved or account terminated.

facebook ad policies

Facebook is constantly changing their ad policies to make sure their users are safe on the platform.
So, keep an eye on those policies.


Focus On User Experience

The second best practice comes down to knowing what the platforms want.
They are both a little different as you tell by now.

For example, if you`re going to advertise on Instagram, make sure your website and landing pages are optimized for mobile.

It will help you create a better experience for the end-user, which is something that Facebook (which owns Instagram) is trying so hard to provide.

advertising coaching business

You can use a tool like Think With Google, which will tell you how your website is performing on mobile.

My advice to you is think mobile-first since most of your traffic is likely to come from that platform.


Steps To Build Your Coaching Business With Facebook And Instagram Advertising

What I want to share with you now are some of the steps you can take to really get prepared to advertise your coaching business.

Think of the steps as almost your checklist to get started and see results.
These steps will be part of your roadmap as you grow and scale your business, they will serve as pointers in the right direction.

Here they are…


Step 1: Craft A Great Offer

If you`ve read any of my previous articles, you know I talk a lot about the importance of having great offers to build a successful coaching business.

coaching quote
What does it mean to have a great offer?

It simply means an offer that your audience wants and is willing to pay you for.
When your offer doesn`t convert, two things might be happening…

  • Your audience doesn`t resonate with it because you`re not speaking their language
  • The offer you`re making doesn`t solve a problem relevant to them

So, in order to create an offer that converts, you have to dig deep and really understand your audience and the problem they`re trying to solve.

facebook ads coaching business

Then, all you have to do is craft an offer, that is to say, a program or course that solves that problem.

It`s gonna be really difficult to get a return on your Instagram and Facebook advertising without a great offer.


Step 2: Create Relevant Content

Advertising on social media is a little bit different from advertising on Google, for example.

A lot different…

coaching business advertising

While on Google, people are searching for something and they`re almost in buying mode, on Instagram and Facebook, people are not there to buy stuff.

coaching quote

They might end up buying but that`s not their intent.

So, the best way to get started with Facebook and Instagram advertising is to drive traffic or in other words, send people to content, whether it`s a video or a blog post, providing value.

“For what?” – you might ask.

To create retargeting lists of people who are already familiar with your brand and later show ads with offers to them.

This is the best way to build relationships, trust and acquire customers on social media, especially if you`re not a household name.


Step 3: Track Everything

Building an online coaching business with advertising and without tracking is suicidal.

The goal of tracking is so you know what`s working or not and make the necessary adjustments.

If you don`t know where your leads come from, how are you gonna make logical decisions to scale or stop a campaign?

You just can`t!

Make sure that your Facebook pixel is correctly installed on your website. The pixel is going to give you the data you need to make wise decisions.

facebook pixel helper

You can use a Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper to check if your pixel is correctly installed on your website.

Also, make sure that your Pixel ID on your ad account matches the one that’s shown on the plug-in.

You might be driving traffic to a website that has a Pixel from another account.
Facebook will not track the correct data and you will not see any conversions or views on your ad account if this happens.

facebook pixel

Unless you want to throw money out the window, track your marketing efforts.


Step 4: Define Your Marketing Strategy

Before you can start spending any money on advertising, you need to think about your overall digital marketing strategy.

It`s important to think about how you`re going to structure your business…

  • Do you want to build a list?
  • Just get Messenger subscribers?
  • Or not have any of those at all and get leads from lead forms to contact those people by phone?

coaching quote
The way you set up your business is unique and it will help you determine the best advertising game plan for you.

For example, if you just want to build relationships with your audience through Facebook Messenger, then you need to put your focus on Messenger ads and chatbots.

Your advertising strategy will follow your marketing strategy.


Step 5: Nailing Your Targeting

You have a great offer, awesome content, all your tracking is in place, your marketing strategy is built but your ads are showing up in front of the wrong people.

What`s gonna happen next?
Disaster strikes and probably a little bit of frustration will show up as well.

Nailing your targeting comes down to doing extensive research on your ideal coaching client and also testing.

coaching business advertising

I would recommend that you use Facebook`s Audience Insights and their detailed targeting bar to choose the interests you want to target.

coaching business advertising

You`ll probably not get your targeting all figured out the first time because it takes some testing to get it right.
Test multiple interests, see what works the best and keep building on them.


Step 6: Identify Your KPIs

For every business, there`s a certain type of metrics that are most relevant.

When it comes to growing and scaling your coaching business with Facebook and Instagram advertising, it`s essential that you know what are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These are some questions that might help you determine your KPIs:

  • How much I am willing to pay for a lead?
  • What`s the main goal of my advertising, to get appointments booked, leads or applications filled?
  • How much am I willing to pay to acquire a customer?
  • What is the typical conversion rate on my landing page?

coaching quote

Let`s say that your main goal is to get leads and you`re paying $1 for every person that views your landing page.

If for every 1 000 page views ($1 000 spent) 500 people convert, your landing page`s conversion rate is 50%, so your cost per lead is $2.

And if you know that for every 500 leads you get, 1% enroll in your $5 000 coaching program, you basically spent $1 000 and acquired 5 customers for a total of $25 000.

Ultimately, you can spend up to $24 000 to acquire a customer and still make $1 000 of profit, without counting any other expenses you might have.



Step 7: Scaling With Variety

I`ve said this a million times…

It`s impossible to build a scalable coaching business or any business with only one offer.

Facebook wants to keep their users for as long as possible on the platform and they don`t want you to show people the same ads with the same offers over and over again.

So, if scaling your coaching business is what you want, at some point you have to face the bogeyman!


Create More “Stuff”

Here`s what you`ll need to do…

coaching quote
You need to start creating more lead magnets, more programs, more ads and showing them to new and different audiences.

Instagram and Facebook love variety, the more diverse your marketing is, the better your results will be and the faster you will scale.

Finally, as you scale your spend, your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) will eventually raise.
Keep in mind that as your CPA raises, you`ll also have a greater return, proportionally.


The One Thing That Might Prevent You From Growing And Scaling

When I was starting out with paid media, basically buying ads as an affiliate marketer, I was scared all the time.

I remember starting out spending $1 a day and then $10 and then $100 a day…

… and all of a sudden it was thousands a month!

It can get pretty scary when you`re spending all this money on ads without seeing an immediate return.
So, what really held me back was my money mindset…

I was afraid to spend money!

advertising coaching business

This is something I see a lot, amongst online entrepreneurs who run ads, they literally get in their own way.

The reality is this…

If you want to build a sustainable coaching business you have to get your money mindset right, otherwise, you`re always gonna be afraid to spend it (like I was) and you`ll have a hard time expanding your business.


Focus On Your Marketing Message

Your main focus when you start advertising is really getting your messaging dialed in.

It will not be perfect at first, that`s a promise, you will make mistakes!
As you get more data and you collect more information about your ideal coaching client, your marketing message will improve and so will your business.

coaching quote
Think of your marketing message as a filter that lets the people you want to work with go through and stops the rest.

So be very careful with the words you choose in your Facebook and Instagram ads. Slight variations in words can mean totally different results.


Words Are Mightier Than The Sword

For example, using words like “struggling”, “stuck” or “desperate” will mostly attract people that find themselves in that state.
Nothing wrong with that if those are the clients you want to help but keep this in mind.

facebook ads copy

Having your messaging dialed in will help you improve every aspect of your marketing, from your funnels, your emails to your ads and even discovery calls.

Be patient with it, remember that your marketing message doesn`t need to be perfect straight away.


Facebook And Instagram Advertising Is Easier Than You Think

Sometimes, we as entrepreneurs tend to complicate things. I know that was true for me, it still happens from time to time.

Growing your coaching business with Facebook and Instagram is not that complicated.
It all comes down to understanding the fundamentals of customer acquisition and business.

Hopefully, this article gave you some clarity on what it takes to successfully market your coaching business on these platforms.

I`d love to hear from you… how did this post help you?


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