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A little bit more about me…

Everything started in the Portuguese countryside when my parents had a small business.
Never considered myself a gifted kid, was super shy, had zero talents, no special abilities and almost no friends.

The tough moments defined my character!
I always knew I was meant to do something special and the “hint” came when my entrepreneurial journey started online.

After failing at pretty much everything, from being a real estate agent to a full-time affiliate marketer, I decided to follow my heart. There was born PedroConverts.

Along the way I was fortunate to be trained by the best marketers in the world, including Jay Kubassek, Dan Lok and Ryan Deiss.
These days, I`m an author and guest blogger for Funnel Magazine™.

Even though my knowledge in digital marketing is wide, at this time, my focus is on helping million-dollar coaches grow and scale with Facebook Ads.

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“All Leads Convert: How To Use Paid Media To Easily Turn Strangers Into Lifelong Customers”

This “easy to digest” book will show you:

  • How to create winning advertising campaigns that last
  • Advanced psychological triggers to convert even the “coldest” prospects
  • How to take complete strangers and turn them into dreams clients that referrer business to you over and over again


“Pedro Campos is the embodiment of making prospective customer connections from the heart. From the very first interaction, Pedro is gifted at genuinely guiding personal discovery through the art of being present for them. He has demonstrated this philosophy is successful in any platform.”


René Johnson
Power Zone Leadership Expert, Author, Executive Coach

“Pedro is an outstanding individual who is truly aware of the power of authentic human connection(s). In his work, he demystifies the lead generation process. Pedro also proves over and over again that he is a great storyteller, listener and that knows a lot about human behavior, our needs and desires.”


Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Personal Branding Expert & LinkedIn Unicorn

“Pedro is direct, determined and consistent – that’s very clear when you speak with him or look at his online presence. His ability to ask the big questions and respond with transparency, humor and respect made our time together valuable and fun. Pedro is a man you can count on to go far and fast as a resource for online marketing and lead generation.”


Lori DiGuardi
Visionary, Professional Speaker, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Coach

“Pedro is incredibly professional and to me has been a stand out from the very beginning. He is highly engaging and took the time to really understand my message, Pedro took the time to watch and read my content. Pedro’s approach in creating a strong relationship and trust has always been genuine, with intent & purpose.”


Tima Elhajj
Corporate Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Podcast Host

“Something awesome about Pedro? He’s committed and super focused on helping others get results. I appreciate his determination to succeed and his utmost respect for the people he’s serving.”


Leila Khan
Mental Wellbeing Author, Speaker & Mentor


At PedroConverts we like to approach any business interaction with these core philosophies in mind.

Customer Centric

I believe in the power of building solid, long term relationships.

Our culture puts the customer first and what they want and need.
Your feedback is important.

Long Term Thinking

Making decisions based on short term gains is not what we`re about. 

With this strategy, we can lay a solid foundation to best serve you, the customer.

Growth Oriented

You`re happy as long as you get the results you want.

And to produce those results, we have to keep learning, evolving and adapting.


My mission is to 3X the size of 1,000 coaching businesses. 
All help is needed to accomplish this so if you`d love to be a part of the journey, see what career opportunities are available:

Facebook Ads Account Manager

Sales Representative

HOW TO APPLY: Send your 60-second video to us, mentioning what is the position you want to apply for. If it makes sense to move forward, we`ll set up an interview.


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